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Tomorrow I’ll be preaching on finding ourselves living out a “kingdom lifestyle” where everything about our lives are under the rule of the King.  We’ll talk primarily of generosity and giving…tithing.

As our church begins to enter the toddler stage of development we find the need to be able to start moving toward self-sustaining.  We have to talk about where we are financially and I need to give an open, honest account of our standing and where we’re heading.  Our funding is, as it should be, beginning to dry up from outside sources.  It is a slowing down of sorts. 

All church plants should hope for it…well, hope for it while the tithes and offerings of the church go up to meet the lessening outside sources.  It’s natural.  It’s expected.  It’s exactly what you want.  It’s terrifying.

So, I’m trying something I’ve never done before: commitment cards.  We’ll be asking people to prayerfully consider their giving for the year 2011 and make a commitment – if they’re in a place to do so (of course, not everyone is, and that’s ok).

It’s a strange thing to do when there are Christians and non-Christians in the room.  You appeal to the Christians out of their desire to grow in faith and following Christ.  You then appeal to the non-Christians out of what?  Some commodity they’re receiving?  A service?  This I haven’t quite figured out.  We’ll just preach it and leave it up to the Spirit.

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