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Who has a phone like this anymore?

Do you know anyone who is a complainer?  I can’t stand those people.  All they do is complain.  There.  Now I’m one of them.  However, I think complaining is just fine given two things happen alongside the complaint.

1. Do so with a gentle spirit.  Don’t be all high and mighty.  And whatever you do, don’t use a nasally voice (unless that’s your normal voice, in which case, I’m sorry.)  Be patient knowing that sometimes people don’t have any control over what’s happening or perhaps aren’t aware there’s a problem.  This is often the case at the check-in line at an airport or your local restaraunt.

2. Offer a solution.  Don’t add to the problem or the anxiety around a problem.  Help to offer a solution that will solve the problem.

I’m writing about this because I’m trying to teach my son these two things.  He’s a major complainer.  The kid bitches and moans about everything but candy…unless he’s not getting enough of it.  So, we’re working on a list of complaints he has about school.  I made him contribute a possible solution for each complaint.

Do you go to church?  Got a complaint?  Offer a solution, and be willing to be a part of the solution.  We would be a lot further along if we all took that attitude.

Ok, now I’ve ranted enough on that (except to say that this works really well when talking about politicians, too).  Thanks.

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