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A Ghost!

2 Sundays ago after the benediction, a mother and a little boy…maybe 3 years old (the boy, not the mom) approached me.  I could see that he was eager to say something, so I bent down to talk to him.  “God is a ghost!” he proclaimed.

me – “I think you’re right.  God is a ghost.  What kind of ghost do you think God is?”

him – “You can’t see Him.”

me – “No, you’re right.  You can’t see God, can you?”

his mom – “We were hoping you could explain God to him.  He keeps saying God is a ghost.”

me (to him) – “I think you’re on the right track in understanding God, buddy.  What kind of ghost do you think God is? Scary or friendly?”

him – “Friendly.”

me (to mom) – “I think he’s on the right track.  It’s good to wonder, isn’t it?”

mom – “I guess it is.”

It is good to wonder.  When did we stop doing that?  That little guy, if he can keep wondering, will go on to ask some of these questions: Is God a ghost?  Should I be afraid of God?  Is he scary good or scary bad?  Can I trust a God I can’t see?  What would God look like if he had skin on?  Could I trust God then?  Is Curious George on TV right now?  I wonder if mom will let me have chocolate milk in the living room.

Some questions are easier to find the answer to…keep wondering, little guy.

  1. Dirk Nykamp
    November 3, 2010 at 12:29 pm


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