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In front of God and everybody

I’ve got a meeting tomorrow night.  It’s supposed to be at the church building, but I think we’re going to hold it at my house.  Mainly because Dana is out of town – working in Iowa this week.  So, I’ll need to get the kids down to bed by 8pm when the meeting starts.  No problem.  I’m sure it will go exceedingly smoothly.  Nobody will cry or make a fuss.  Nobody will come running down the stairs asking for another drink.  There will be no arguments between siblings as the evening winds down and the meeting progresses.  That kind of thing doesn’t happen, right?

So.  Preparing for all or any of those things.

We say we want to live real. life. together.  This ought to be one of those moments.  Perhaps the kids will be, I don’t know…kids and have a moment of characteristic childlike behavior.  I can expect that, right?  I can just plan on it.  And my leadership team will be right there in my living room watching me deal with it.  real. life. together.

I look forward to it.  Maybe I can model how it should be done.  (uh, yah…right)  More likely, I’ll get some good pointers and perhaps be prayed for as I try not to lose my temper.  But this is what we want to be – a family of faith walking the path together.

If you’re reading this…think of me putting the kids down to bed at 7:55pm ET on Tuesday.  If you’re Dana and you’re reading this…enjoy a quiet evening.  I love you.

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