Windy Days

I love windy days.  I live at the end of a longish street.  It runs East-West and we’re near Lake Michigan, so when it’s windy off the lake the breeze blows right down our street and vortexes into our slider door.  Monday night we knew there was a storm coming, so we went outside and brought in most of the lightweight stuff and did a little battoning of the hatches.  Tuesday morning we found that school had been cancelled because of a tornado watch.  Ok.

Here’s moment #1 of my two favorite moments yesterday: No school, so I’m sitting with Alex in our living room.  He’s in Dana’s chair reading an “American Chillers” novel…something about Ogres and Ohio.  I’m in my chair reading my latest novel.  Jack is in his little bed gnawing on a toy.  I felt lifted by the thought that my son loves to read.  I timed him and he can put down a page every 45 seconds or so.  Pretty fast.  Now for some comprehension, right?  I watched the wind blow my deck chair to the left, then to the right.  Pretty powerful.

Here’s moment #2 of my two favorite moments yesterday: I got the opportunity to listen to the faith stories of two people in our church who want their children baptised.  I sat in their living room and heard about how one was born in a Laotian refugee camp in Thailand, moved to Holland and grew up in the church.  The other grew up in Holland and was only involved in church when she was very small and then only very occasionally until recently.  The woman had a revelation just a month or so ago “I never knew how people who don’t have faith get faith.  Then I realized: you have to ask for it.  I wish someone would have told me that a long time ago.  Why didn’t someone say that?  Now I want to tell everybody.”

The Spirit of God blew down my street yesterday and gave me a sense of peace with my son.  The Spirit of God blew into that family’s life and has renewed and fanned a flame long since smoldering.  I love windy days.

  1. D.U. Smith, Jr.
    October 27, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Good one about windy days, James! Enjoyed reading it. I’ve got a windy day of my own here today:-) Peace!

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