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White Socks in Sandals

I got hooked on a series of books – and this after not even finishing the first book.  Good book.  I’m sitting at Barnes and Noble, where I came looking for #2 in the series.  I’m not going to tell you what the series is.  Chances are that you’ve never heard of it, or the author, but just to be safe I’m not going to tell you because I want you to think I’m reading high-falutin’ pastor books.  You know the type – theologically rich and full of practical, useful advise for church planting or pastoral care.  Nope.  Sorry.

Anyhow, I found the book and was going to start working on the sermon for Sunday morning when I came across two men from our parent church – First Reformed in Holland.  One is a retired minister.  The other is the past vice president of consistory (that’s the leadership board of the church – for those who aren’t into the RCA lingo).  He’s retired from working a big-wig corporate job.  Two men who, I know for a fact of my gut, have been praying for Embody and rooting me on.

At one time these two would speak and things would move.  They would write a memo or a sermon and the world would go spinning.  The corporation would take notice or the congregation would be moved by the Word of God.  They had a certain power – all given to them from someone else.

Now they sit (I can see them from where I’m sitting) looking like just a couple of retired guys in their mid 60’s.  One’s been retired longer than the other – he has the clothes figured out a little better than the guy who’s still dressed like he could go back to work on casual Friday.  They sip coffee and, though I can’t hear them, I would imagine chatting about two very different things.

Weather and sports and family is one thing.  I can see them laughing.  Then, you can see that the conversation is turning deeper.  They lean in, the coffee an afterthought.  Their heads nod understanding back and forth.  Each caring for the other in their listening.  I can only imagine the secret pains and joys passed back and forth.

These are the men who have run our country from behind desk and pulpit.  These are the men who have attained the height of success in their field.  Now they are 60 something and finally have finished the precursor to the real meat of their story.  They’ve attained some wisdom and experience, some wounds and scars.  They’ve learned the perries and thrusts of the battle with spirit and flesh.

And now, finally they are ready.  Ready for that most important task of their life – passing it on.  They can share 60 years of experience with some young man, some young and eager business man or pastor who will, like them, draw the future by their words and their understanding of a great God.  They can pass along to someone the things that only years can teach.  All it takes is the willingness and ability to see in some younger person the possible future of the world and tap them on the shoulder and then walk with them.

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