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God’s Will.

I met with Lee Heerspink for breakfast this morning.  It’s something we’ve done once a week for the last year and a half.  We missed the last few weeks because he’s been with the Air Force on tour through Montana.  We won’t do it again for about 3 months while he’s at basic training.  After that, he’ll move to Nebraska and live the fabulous life of an Air Force Guitarist.

I asked this question, “Why do you think God had you with Embody for the last year and a half?”  The answer isn’t always so easy to see so close to the end of a period of time.  Let’s be honest, sometimes we never quite figure out a question like that.  He wasn’t sure, but I took a guess (maybe I’ll know for sure one day).  I think the answer I gave is a good one.

Could it be that God knew the type of personality He wanted Embody to have – the DNA we started out with that would continue into the future generations?  Lee brought a very unassuming, honest, approachable, humble personality to worship.  There has never been anything showy about Lee (I’m guessing throughout his entire life).  He’s not one who wants the limelight, and doesn’t want people to notice him.

I believe this is what God wants from Embody in worship.  There is only one who deserves the limelight in worship, and it’s God.  I believe Lee was the perfect person to get us off the ground in worship – the kind of worship that points to Jesus; the kind of worship that is honest about who we are and where we’re going, and with Whom we travel and to Whom we travel.  One year…to the date.  That’s what God gave us together.

I think Lee was struggling with the idea that he may have left us in the lurch – nobody to jump in and lead worship on a regular basis.  This explanation, which again I think is a good one, gives permission to Lee to follow a very clear calling without feeling unfair guilt over following God’s movement in his life.

Ultimately, it didn’t matter how long Lee was with us.  What did matter was doing what he was supposed to do while he was with us.  The same is true with me and with you.  Too many people are so worried about, “Am I in the middle of God’s will?” or “How do I know if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing?” or “Should I live here or there, or do this or that job?”  I don’t think it matters as much as like to think it does.  Ultimately it’s this:

It doesn’t matter where we are or for how long; it matters only what we do (and Whose we are) while we’re there.

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