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Yay, You’re Going To Let Me Be Myself vol. 2

Here's Brian's pic off his church's website. He's gonna hate that this picture is on here. Good lookin' guy, though, right?

It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday today.  I didn’t get him a card or a gift…I never remember that stuff, but I thought I would tell you about him, and one of the things I love about him.  He’s about my size, but thinner and better looking with more hair.  I’ve known him since college, and he’s always been a very popular guy.  He’s the guy you want to be around.  He’s the guy you want to be like.  He’s the guy you want representing you.  He’s the guy who married my sister.

I just want to say that I love my brother-in-law.  I picked him.  You don’t often get to pick your family members, but I got to introduce him to my sister, and it has paid off 100-fold.  He’s everything I could want in a brother-in-law.  We share many of the same interests, we shared two alma maters, we shared a ton of experiences, and we share the same love for Christ and his people.

While we do have a lot in common, we also differ on many things, too.  We’re wired differently, and that’s a good thing.  He’s incredibly intelligent – the scary holy-cow-this-guy-knows-everything kind of intelligent.  He’s always, and I mean always reading.  Not only intelligent, but the strange and rare combination of pastoral intelligence.  His heart is big for people and they are the priority over his books.

We had lunch the other day to encourage one another.  Brian is the pastor of a big church in my town, and understands the whole story of planting a church here – the challenges of fundraising, raising up leaders, equipping people to serve, walking with people as they grow to understand Christ more.

After lunch we walked to the libraries.  He walked to the Seminary library and I walked to the public library.  Brian was carrying an armful of books, and started talking about a lot of authors and theologians I will never read.  I love it when he does talk like that…I get a lot out of it.  On our way we ran into two theological heavy weights – one from Hope College and a visiting scholar who writes in important journals and produces thoughtful, useful books.  I stood by while they talked about books I haven’t and probably won’t read.

Then we kept walking and Brian was able to talk my language, too.  We talked about denominational number mongering and the far greater importance of just walking faithfully and letting God worry about the numbers of people who are reconciled to God.  I felt so encouraged and heard.

So, I say all this to say that if you get the chance to be like anyone today let it be Christ.  If you get the chance to be like anyone else today, be like Brian (You’ll find being like Brian is a good example of being like Christ).  Encourage someone.  Listen to them.  Be yourself, and let the other person be themselves.  Be OK with that, and you will have done a great thing.

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