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Bible 101

I met a neighbor tonight.  She lives down the street from me, but I have never seen her before.  Her driveway is kind of hidden down a side street, and her neighbor is congressman Peter Hoekstra (R-MI)…so you know her driveway is probably not overly accessible .  She came to a course I’m offering called “Bible 101”.


There were 7 of us there tonight, and when we went around the circle telling about our history with the Bible and a little of our background, I was encouraged because the stories were exactly what I was hoping for.  There were people who had grown up in the church but never really read the Bible.  There were others who had grown up away from the church and had no history with the Bible.  These are the people I was hoping for.

Their questions were great: Can you say you believe in the Bible if you haven’t read it in its entirety?  Where does the guilt come from?  Why isn’t the Bible chronological?  What’s with all the different versions?  How did we get the Bible?  How can you know you can trust it?  Did God really tell each person to write the Bible, or were they stories told and passed on?  When was the last writing to the Bible and why haven’t there been any since?

My neighbor was quiet.  I don’t know her story, but I’m sure she had some of these questions…and more.  She must have, right?  I mean don’t we all?  And here’s something else: when do we stop asking questions?  I am sure that there are many people (perhaps you) who looked at the questions posed in just the first class session and said, “Good question.”  For some reason we stop asking questions.  Shouldn’t we be always gathering more and more questions as we go deeper and deeper?

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe we don’t go deeper.

Let’s not be 1000 miles wide and 1/2 inch deep.  I know some great question-askers who can lead the way.

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