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Joe Tells A Joke

I’m offering a class and calling it Bible 101.  I know…lame name.  It’s for people who are biblically illiterate.  Dana says I can’t use that word because it makes people feel stupid.  I think her exact words were, “Are you going to use the word “Illiterate”?”  I got the meaning.

I’ve told the church about it and they are invited, but I wanted to make sure others knew about it, too, just in case the Holy Spirit has prepared some heart out there to hear about the book we love.  So I advertised.  Wierdest feeling, advertising.  It’s like saying, “Hey, everybody, I’ve got something you need to hear.  Come and listen to what I have to say.  It’s important and worth you taking your time and sitting and listening to me.”  Can anything be more narcissistic?  Answer: yes – keeping a blog.

Of course, I think this is true.  I do, in fact, have something I want everyone to hear.  But…it just feels wierd when I think of it from random Joe Sixpack’s point of view.  But, I did it.  I went down to the Holland Sentinel (our local paper) and asked the lady at the desk whom I should speak with to put an ad in the paper.  She directed me to Joe.

Joe shook my hand and pulled me close enough to smell the cigarettes covered by coffee smell on his breath.  I like Joe.  Let me tell you why: he didn’t appologize for his lame joke.  I introduced myself and he looked at me with a quizzical face, “Jim Daniels…Jim Daniels…let’s see.”  Now, you should know that we’ve met before, and it’s been a year since I put something in the paper.

Then he sold it.  He said, “I thought I knew you,” (of course he did) “but that must have been Jack Daniels.”  He smiles and leads me to his office.  Lame joke.  I’ve heard it about a million times.  Everybody who tells it thinks they’re the first to think of it, and I just have to give the fake laugh.  Sometimes I hate it, and sometimes I just wait for it.  Joe actually worked at it and made it a little unique.  Joe sold it.  But that’s what he does, right?  He sells stuff…words on paper…advertising.

Here I am doing the same thing.  Trying to get people to buy what I’m selling…giving away, really.  But I have to get them to listen to me first.  I guess you throw out the line and see if anybody bites.  Meanwhile, I have to continue to put out the line, talk to strangers, look for ways to start up conversations, make new friends and generally pray.  All the advertising in the world can’t do what the Spirit of God can do.  Hope I didn’t just waste $280.  Maybe Joe will show up.  I like him.

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