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Tomorrow is one year.  One year since we opened our doors for worship at our new church plant, Embody Christ Fellowship.  It’s good to take some time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going.  It’s good to consider the DNA that has begun to take root, examine it and see if there are things that need tweeking or changing before they get too rooted in the wrong direction.  After a year you start to get a trajectory and those are not easy to change.

We have been pretty intentional over the last year at focusing on developting a community of people who care for each other and pray for each other and help one another and worship together.  We’ve focused on doing real.life.together. and we’ve done a great job.

Problem is this: if we continue to focus on that, we will become a country club…a great one where you don’t have to have money or status to get in, but a country club, nonetheless.  That “strategy”, if you will, is just part of an overarching plan to develop a community that is a growing, deepening, group of people chasing after the heart of Christ and being his hands and feet.

So…Starting tomorrow we begin our second phase of starting the church: discipleship.  We’ll begin intentionally looking for ways we can grow deeper as Christians, and for those who aren’t followers of Christ, taking the next step in faith.  We’ll take an honest look at where we are in our individual journeys and on our journey together as a church.  Then, we’ll formulate plans for the next step.

I’m convinced that it really doesn’t matter where you are in your spiritual maturity, your walk with Christ, your faith development.  What matters is the direction you are going at this moment.  Forward…toward the cross…into a graceful direction.  If you’ve been walking with Christ for decades and turn and walk on your own – away from the path of the saviour – then your story isn’t far from the prodigal son.  If you’re taking your very first step in faith and turn from your own path to join that of the King – then your story, too, is not far from the prodigal son.

Intentionality.  We’re all walking.  Make it explicit instead of implicit.  That’s my plan.  Year two.  Let’s grow!

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