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Bird in the Hand…Released

I do not have a musician yet.  I met one and had a beverage with him.  He is almost perfect: he knows what he’s doing, has done it before, could start immediately, is eager, talented, ready, and has a beard.

Something waiting...

There’s one problem: I get the distinct feeling that he’s not the right person.  Every earthly reason for snatching him up and putting him to service in that capacity is there, but there is a nagging feeling I get that no.  Not this guy.  Mainly because I can feel that we would have some significant differences in theology.

I told him I’d call him back.  I guess I was putting him in my back pocket as a “just in case” all the while I knew that it wouldn’t be good.

Here’s what I think.  Maybe my theology is off on this…maybe not.  But I think that when I call him on Monday morning and let him know that I don’t feel God leading us together and that I really appreciate his time and willingness, but that it’s not going to work out, something will happen.

It will mean that I have let go of my own control over the situation, and trusted in God.  It will mean that I’ve emptied my hands and will be able to receive whatever God is wanting to give me once I jump off the cliff and decide to land in his hands.  Kinda scary, but I feel sincerely secure in it.

I’ll let you know.

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