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God On The Bumper

Two weeks.  I’ve got two weeks.  Well, at the time of this post I will have 10 days (which encompasses 2 Sundays).  Definitely not the amount of time I need to do the important thing that needs to be done.  I’ve got to find a replacement for my friend and worship leader, Lee.  It’s not that I’m lazy.  It’s not like I’ve had months and months and just haven’t done it.  Lee and I were both well prepared and prayed about it, but the timing jumped up on us.  We were planning on having more time than this, but…he’s leaving earlier than expected, so…I’ve got 10 days.

We’ve got some talented musicians at Embody.  They are great, but they are the essential spokes in the worship tire.  We need the hub, the one who can hold together the sound and lead the group to produce an atmosphere that is worshipful and honest.  I don’t want to take anything away from them, because they’re exactly what we need for the fullness of the worship team.  But we need that one leader.

So, I’m utilizing resources at my disposal, or at least in my general area.  I asked the regional church planter guy for some names and he came up with a good one.  I met with the guy over a…let’s call it an adult beverage.  He was a wonderful guy, sensative and creative.  He had a beard, too, which is always nice.  But after listening to him talk for a while, I could sense that our theology was not going to line up well. 

Lee gave me a name of a guy, so I called him.  We’re going to have lunch on Monday.  Serendipitously, I met him at a Western Seminary chapel service yesterday.  I got to hear him play and lead worship, then saw that he’s friends with people I respect and enjoy.  Plus, he’s got Lee’s stamp of approval, which is supreme.  We’re still having lunch Monday.  Problem with this guy is that he’s committed every other Sunday at another church.  So…not sure if I want a band aid – no matter how wonderful.  I may need to take what I can get.

Then there’s Hope College.  They’ve got loads of students who are probably qualified.   But the problem is that Hope just started up and it’s crazy there.  The fella who is my best connection there (whom I haven’t met, but have been directed to by a couple of great friends), the guy who has his hands on all the handles and reins of these young, energetic, telented, God-seeking people (I’m hoping they’re that way).  I can’t get a meeting with him until next week.  It will be really late in the game.

So, I have every right to be a little nervous.  My anxiety level should be through the roof, but it’s not.  I’m sitting in the Way Cup Cafe, eating a french toast bagel with waaay too much cream cheese and a glass of juiced carrots and apples (the healthy choice that made up for the bagel), listening to some feel good rock and roll over the radio and thinking one very clear and comforting thought: our God is sovereign.

I’m only 34, but I’ve been paying attention long enough to know that God’s active when I can’t see it.  Just like I know there is someone who’s heart is finally ready to receive the mailer that should be landing in their mailbox today, just like I know that there are young couples, elderly singles, middle aged parents, and tweens who need to experience God’s grace and some good news, just like I know that there is a way that we will reach capacity in our building, just like I know there’s a smooth and Spirit-filled answer to what to do with our space when we reach capacity.

I know that God is active when I can’t see it.  Here’s what I love: doing my part in the next 10 days, trying to get some traction in the muck, while keeping my eyes open for the moment when God sits on my bumper and all of a sudden the tires catch and we lurch forward into traffic at just the right moment with just the right people in the car.  It’s gonna be good.  No, better than that.  It’s going to be something I can’t explain that has wonderful outcomes.  I think you call that a miracle.  Or…you could just call it the way our God likes to work.

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