Blowing Up

I take Fridays off.  On the ocassion that there is a holiday on a Monday, I get extra time with my family.  I enjoy that.  I like being free to play games with the kids, take them on a hike, rent a movie together, etc.  But it also means my patience gets tried a lot more than normal.  There are no extended periods of time where nobody is asking me for food, telling me about baseball statistics, having me hold this or tape that or come and see what I did to the dog.  I don’t get as much time to myself.

This can lend itself to me being a little moody at times.  I love my kids, but…I’m not the dad who can spend every waking minute with them.  If you are, great for you…what a blessing.  Not me.

Sunday night Dana and I looked at each other and asked, “What are we going to do with our Labor Day?”  We decided to paint the dining room.  It’s just the right size to start and finish in one day.  So…that’s what we did.  We picked a darker color on the top and kept the wainscoating white.  It meant the kids couldn’t help with the first part (the top/dark part). 

They sat at the line between the dining room and the kitchen (their designated “stay out” line) and asked repeatedly, “When can I help?”  The answer was always pushing them into the future, “When we get to the white part” or “After this second coat” or “In a while; be patient”.  Alex would grump and Bis would pout, and I would focus on not dripping the dark color Dana picked (which ended up surprising me in its goodness when it was all finished).

Then came the “helping”. 

By the end of the night my wits were a bit frazzled, my bride was tired, my kids were bathed and ready for the first day of school, my dining room looked good, and my patience was gone.  I took care of getting the boy ready for sleep, and that entails reading to him.  After I read, I went down to veg out in front of the TV while Dana finished up with the girl.

The girl who had kind of driven us nuts during the day.  Dana came down with a smile and told me that our sweet, adorable little girl, while wanting to prolong the going to bed process had said, “I just have six questions for you.”  (She doesn’t understand the difference between a question and a statement.)  Dana tried to cut it off, but before she could our little golden angel said (while counting the words on her fingers), “You. are. going. to. blow. up.”  Then smiled an impish grin.

These are the cute (and a little creepy) things that she will do to keep herself alive after a day of being in our face.  I’m pretty proud of us.  We did make it the whole day without losing our tempers…without blowing up, as it were.  And now, we could go to sleep with a smile from our little beauty – who always surprises us.  Note to self: be careful what that little angel says going through airport security.

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