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Across the street from my house is a lovely home.  It is owned by Eddy and his wife.  He lives there with his daughter and son, who are too old to play with my kids, but charming nonetheless.  Eddy loves caring for his lawn.  He’s working on it all the time.  I see him out late at night and early in the morning.  I think he mows it twice a week when he can.  He meticulously manicures his bushes, and in the back there is a very particular vegetable garden.

Actually, if you’ll allow me a little moment of strangeness, he has the type of lawn that I want to go roll around in.  I think it would be a lot like laying on a freshly vacuumed, really thick green shag carpet.  Is that a little wierd?  Maybe.

Next to Eddy’s house is another nice little home, but not particularly interesting.  Then, next to that house is a driveway.  I’ve lived on this street for nearly two years now and haven’t had the nerve to walk down this long driveway.  You can’t see the house from the street; it’s way back there and surrounded by trees.  Normally, I walk by without thinking of it, but not today.

Today Jack and I were going for a walk, and I decided this was the day I was going to risk seeming like a creepy neighbor carrying a bag of dog poo.  I walked very non-chalantly down the drive and found something I wasn’t expecting.  The house was cute and a little quaint.  The paint job, a nice green, was all in order.  These things were normal, but the thing I didn’t expect was the meticulous care given to the upkeep of the groundskeeping.

You would think that Eddy rode his little lawn mower and cart down there twice a week.  I don’t think he does.  I think what we have here is someone who is very interested in having his or her lawn exact and their flower boxes well kept and their trees trimmed.  I live on a corner with a lot of traffic and I don’t take nearly enough care of the outside of my house…these people, though…they must love it.

Here’s what it made me think of: too many Christians (myself included, at times) are very sure to make the outside look just so.  I think Jesus may have said something about whitewashed tombs.  But then there are the people who, even though nobody is seeing what’s behind the trees, and down the long driveway of their heart, are caring for the inner self.  They take the time to keep weeds from cropping up.  They prune back those bushes that are overgrown.  They make sure that after the winds blow through the forest, they get out there and pick up the sticks and foliage that will accumulate if you let it.

I don’t know who lives down that driveway yet, but I want to know them.  I want to be like them, too.  Not in keeping up the lawn (not a huge fan of that), but I want my hidden places to be well-kept.  And I’m betting they’ve got that taken care of as well.

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  1. Catherine
    September 5, 2010 at 2:29 am

    Nice. I am pretty sure a sepulchre was whited to warn people away from a diseased corpse, though.

  2. September 5, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Interesting. Sounds very plausible. I think it helps make Jesus’ point, then, that the tomb looks great on the outside while there’s sickness and death on the inside. Poor pharisees. They just can’t outwit the living God.

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