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I’m not a fan of numbers.  I did my time in Algebra class and took the bare minimals in college.  Some people are great with numbers, love them, live by them, play with them…those people are freaks.  Yah, I’m talking about you, you science freaks.  I’m not that guy.  Give me words; give me a metaphor, “give me liberty or give me death,” “Ask not what you can do for your country…,” “Four score and seven years ago…”.  See? Words can move people.  Numbers just convince people.  I want to be moved.

So…I don’t like budgets, I don’t like adding, I don’t like subtracting, and I hate dividing.  BUT, I understand that it is vital to church planting in the background.  Numbers help tell the story, they give us milestones, and they help us see our trajectory.  Plus (notice I am able to use math terms) there are numbers we have to see in order to maintain us into the future.

Here’s the fact(or) of the matter (notice, math terms can be used for puns as well): Embody needs to have 120 or so people to be self-sustaining.  Presently we worship about 65-70.  This means that as our funding starts to dry up we will need to increase in numbers as a worshiping fellowship and become healthy givers.  Now the big question: how do you faithfully grow in numbers without becoming all about numbers?  What’s the equation? (I had to push for that one).

So I have a little plan, but it relies on the Spirit and on our folks.  Here’s what I’m thinking for the fall: a mailer…it’ll go out in a week or so to our neighborhood; a sermon series (keeps people coming back week to week); two classes for people who are not necessarily part of our fellowship (I’ll put an invite in the paper and send our folks to their friends); and we’ll make plans for 2 services in the future…think it out so we’re ready when we don’t all fit in our building at the same time.

I need a few things that are out of my control: prayer from you, people to be inviters, Holy Spirit moving in hearts.

I need a few things that are in my control: faith, hope, hard work, pavement pounding, planning, sermon prep.

Maybe if all our variables fall into place our function will include multiplication.

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