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Oar You Can Quit

My family joined about 20 other families from Embody last weekend in going camping.  I know I should have been more of a servant, but because I picked the place and made the reservations, I chose a pretty nice camping spot for my family – right on the fishing pond.  We got a tent-window view of the little pond that’s used for catching bass and bluegill.  I don’t know much about fishing, but they were surprised to hear that someone pulled a 14 inch bass out of it.  Whatever that means.

Alex getting the hang of it

One of the amenities that this campground has is a pair of kayaks to be used by anyone who wants.  They sit on the muddy “shore” of the fishing pond about 100 feet from our campfire.  We brought life jackets, so…the kids were in and out of those kayaks quite a bit.  My son, Alex, really enjoyed it.

One thing to know about Alex is that he’s a lot like his mom in many wonderful ways.  He’s an intelligent little fella with some wonderful verbal abilities.  He’s also afraid to fail.  When he and his friend, Neil, got into those boats and were shoved off from shore he quickly realized that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He’d never been in a kayak before…come to think of it…he’s never been in a canoe, I don’t think.  So the whole idea of paddling is foreign to him.

“I’m not good at this,” he said to me as I stood close by.  He wanted me to pull him to shore and help him quit.  This is nothing new.  He has a tendency to want to be perfect at something the very first time or he doesn’t want to do it.  There’s not much room for growing into something.  It’s perfection or failure in his mind.  But I stand on shore and know that he’s got what it takes, he just needs to give it time and work it out.

Sure enough, within 5 minutes he was a pro.  And he loved it.  And he was in and out of that thing all weekend.  All it took was believing in himself and trying and trying and trying until he got the hang of it.

“I’m not good at this,” I can say to God on various ocassions.  But he has put me in this boat and stands on shore believing in the Spirit He has placed within me.  “I’m not good at this,” you might be saying, but don’t quit.  Good things come to those who stick it out.  Stay calm, don’t rock too violently from port to starboard, get into a rhythm, and you’ll do great…or maybe I should say…God will do great through you.

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