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Ed, Julie, Adam, Jim

There are four of us.  Ed, Julie, Adam, and myself.  We’re the first “Leadership Team” in Embody’s existence.  We will begin meeting within the first year of the church’s existence, and I’m sure that’s waaaay too late for such a first.  In fact, it probably would have been good to have that group start a lot earlier, but it didn’t, so…  I don’t know.  It just didn’t.

It seems like a big deal, doesn’t it?  Doesn’t it seem like this should be some momentous thing – the Leadership Team being formed?  But nobody’s baking a cake, and I’m not expecting the Holy Spirit to make firey tongues show up over our heads.  I think it’s just time for people other than just Jim to have some say in how we become who God is calling us to become.

“What does a leadership team do, Jim?”  Glad you asked.  Not sure.  I know that we’re going to pray together and probably study together.  The first Tuesday of each month will be an hour of that.  Then, the third Tuesday we’ll meet for 30 minutes for a “stand-up” meeting to get some business and decisions taken care of.  These are the people who will help make a decision about when it’s time to go to 2 services or which way to serve the community or exactly what things need to happen to move Embody into the next phase of ministry.

“How do you pick these people, Jim?”  Glad you asked.  That I know.  I look for these types of things: Have they been around for a significant amount of time?  Do they resonate with our vision and values?  Have they been financial givers?  Can I trust them?  Will they speak their mind in love?  Can they handle a stressful conversation with grace?  Do they love Jesus?  Do they trust Him?  Have they been people who pray?  Are they growing Christians?  And perhaps toward the top…this question: do they have a teachable spirit?

I need people who see the world in the same general way I do, but I need them to see it through different lenses.  I need them to have different gifts from my own.  I need them to be good at the things I’m not.  I need them to love me and to let me love them.  I need them to be OK with me being who I am, and I need them to be OK with who they are meant and created to be.  I need men and women who, with will follow Christ into the question mark with abandon.

Now, I guess I have to be all the things I need from them, too.  Come, Holy Spirit!

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