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“I’ve got to show you something.”  I had no idea what might come.  He’s 90 years old, and you don’t know…you just don’t.  I was visiting his home to let him know about what God is up to at Embody and to let him know about a specific monetary need our church has.  I was hoping the thing he wanted to show me would be a pile of cash or a levitating puppy, but it wasn’t.  It was a rubber tree plant in a pot.

Rubber Tree Pooptastic Accident

The plant had a few flowers around the base of the rubber tree plant, but they didn’t plant those flowers.  They were a gift from the birds.  Apparently birds had deposited the seeds there.  You know how birds pass seeds around don’t you?  They poop them out.  It was a pretty arrangement, you would think maybe they planted them there on purpose, but it was just a happy mistake.

This guy surprised me.  I was not expecting something so unique and…well…wierd.  Maybe that was the point.  I dont’ think it was his point.  I think he just wanted to show me something interesting.  But I took something more from it. 

He looked at me funny when I took a picture of it, but he probably figured it was part of my charm.  At least that’s what I hope most people think when I do something odd – which is often.

Sometimes I plant a rubber tree and have plans for it to be just the way I want it to look.  Then birds come and poop all around it and on it.  I think, “That’s not my plan.  That’s not what I want to happen.  In fact…everything is ruined and nothing good will ever come of anything ever again – I’m so depressed.”  And while I’m all depressed because my plans aren’t coming to fruition, something beautiful happens.  Out of the dirty, smelly horrible thing  that happened, something beautiful appears.  Something unexpected.  Something better than I planned.

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