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Something Shared

In 20 minutes I’m going to head North to Grand Rapids to pick up my brother and his family from the airport.  My sister and I will pick them up.  That will make all three of us in the same car.  It’s possible that the three of us haven’t been in the same car since Tammy was in college, and that was about 20 years ago.  In fact, now that I’m remembering…I can recall when Tam was learning to drive.  She sat in the driver’s seat while Patrick and I sat in the back.  I was buckled in tightly, and Pat had on a motorcycle helmet.  I should bring one for him tonight.

I am wondering something: it’s been a while since I’ve spent a significant amount of time with my brother, and even longer since we’ve shared a life together.  What happens when blood is separated by time and miles and influence?  What happens when people who grow up in the same house under the same loving mom grow up and leave and hear differing voices?

Even more…what happens when three people who love Christ deeply and are married to people who share this same passion start to understand the book they love differently?  What happens when they start to understand faith and a life of faith in different ways?

Maybe you’ve got a family like this.  Maybe for you it’s one has faith and one has walked away.  Maybe it’s a change of values for one or more sibling – someone stepping off the path that your parents set you on.

Can blood overcome it?  Can a shared upbringing and something in the roots of siblings bring people together or do differences just become too great?

I’m not concerned about this.  My brother is one of the most patient loving people I know, and my sister is graceful even in her unwavering ability to speak the truth in love, and I have room to grow, but I can handle it, too.  Plus, I’m sure my mother is praying for this gathering, and that it will be for us a memorable and root-tending, nurturing time where we recognize our separate and unique walks with Christ but maintain that the love of Christ is large enough to encompass each of us…and you.

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