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The Bis’ Day After The Wedding

Dancing ’till midnite at the age of 4.

Swimming in the morning.

Riding in a car for 2 hours with no nap.

Crying for 45 minutes straight for no apparent reason.

Playing with cousins all afternoon.

Not eating your dinner even under threat of not getting dessert later in the evening.

Playing UNO and never winning.

Crying while watching your cousins eat the dessert you now don’t get because you didn’t eat your pizza earlier.

Redirecting your mother from putting you to bed by saying (through tears) “I wanna eat my pizza”.

Eating just enough pizza to make it a “win” for mom and dad…then getting some ice cream.

Intermittent crying in various stages of preparing for bed.

Sharing a bed with your cousin (whom you idolize).

These are the things that happened.

Here is what Bis will remember: Dancing ’till midnite, playing all afternoon with cousins, sharing a bed with her cousin (whom she idolizes).

Here is what I will remember: The simplicity of a white dress that twirls when she spins and brings a smile to a room full of overdressed people.

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