I have a friend who works in his shop all day.  He’s an artist, and a recycler.  He takes old wood and turns it into new beauty.  He takes a box full of fruit jars and turns them into a stunning chandelier.  He takes a pickle vat from Heinz and turns the stained wood into unique tables.  He sees the world as it can be instead of what society is used to seeing.  This can be frustrating for an artist, but society needs people like this.

So, he’s good at taking something that has been used for some old purpose and has run its course then turning it into something worthwhile.  Something that could be reorganized, unbolted, sanded and salvaged can become useful to society.

He won’t stop at wood, metal and glass, though.  He’s pretty good at hiring young men who are in the same situation as a pickle vat: stained and rough.  He gives them another purpose and sends them out into society reorganized.  To me, this sounds like the Kingdom of God breaking in.

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