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Day in the Life (8/1/10)

Tomorrow’s Plan:

7:15am: Brush teeth, get dressed, eat a bowl of Cheerios and blueberries, pack up my computer, make sure I have my sermon, kiss my kids goodbye.

8:00 – 9:45: go to church building, unlock the gate to the back parking lot, set up sound system, plug in the coffee maker, prepare for communion, sing harmony while Lee gets the songs in order, fine tune the powerpoint slides, run through sermon, turn on the air conditioning in the building, unlock all the doors, put the offering plate on the front row of chairs.

9:45: prayer with Lee and whoever else wants to join us.

10:07: promplty begin our worship service

11:09: give a benediction and invite everyone to mangle the chairs I set up so that we can turn our worship space into a potluck zone

11:15am-12:30pm: eat potluck food.

12:30-1:00: shut down the church building, usher my children into one of the cars.

1:00: go home and prepare to leave again.

1:38: get into the van alone and go fill it up with gas, and buy some M&M’s for the road.

1:50: launch out alone for a drive to Lee, Illinois.

6:00: arrive in Lee, Illinois and meet the people who own the house where a concert will be happening.

6:30: sit down and listen to the musical stylings of Andy Gullahorn who travelled from Nashville, TN to do a radio gig with Andrew Peterson on Monday, but came a day early to do a house concert for a small group of people who love good music and great storytelling.

I consider this time professional development because Andy Gullahorn knows how to tell a story.  He does a lot of things in his songs that I want to be able to do in my sermons.  It’s a two hour preaching workshop disguised as a concert.  And…since I haven’t gone to any big conventions for pastors to develop professionally – I have it in the budget to drive to Chicago area and pay the $18 for a ticket to pure bliss.

9:00: say goodbye to my new friends and hop back in the van for the drive home.

9:15: stop for more gas and M&M’s and find the local NPR station on my radio (and hope it’s not the kind of NPR station that only plays classical music, because that will totally put me to sleep).

1:00am: push the garage door opener and park the car, stagger upstairs, brush my teeth, flop into bed a happy man.

If you are interested in joining me for almost any of this (you are not welcome to brush my teeth) get a ticket at this website.

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