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His leathered face was screwed up in a tenacious determination.  His hands were wearing gloves.  His posture was bent over.  He was sitting in a motorized wheelchair.  Shock white hair standing in contrast to his sun-browned skin.  There was an American flag attached to the back of his wheelchair.  All of this was interesting, but what really caught my eye was what he was holding and what he was doing.

He sat behind a low hedge and he was weeding.  Now, I realize that this shouldn’t be a big deal.  People who are wheelchairbound can do a lot, and weeding, while a challenge, isn’t impossible.  This guy had an aid, though.  He held a grabber.  I don’t know the name of the tool.  I own one.  It’s about two feet long and it allows you to grab something at a distance.

This guy was using it to weed.  He sat in his chair and grabbed and pulled.  I saw this at about 12:10pm on my way to lunch.  I looked for him on my way back, and saw him at about 1:05pm.  He’d moved to another part of the yard, but there he was.  I’d put him at about75 or 80 years old and tenacious as all get out.

What’s the take-away?  I don’t know.  Never give up?  Where there’s a will, there’s a way?  I just know this: this guy was going to find a way to do the thing he wants/needs to do.  If planting a church puts me in some figurative wheelchair and we get stuck into some position that seems a little impossible, I’m going to that guy’s house for a pep-talk.  I’m guessing he’d help me find a way.

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