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Music Review and Rave!

I don’t listen to a lot of music.  I tend to listen to NPR.  When I do listen to music it is one of the following situations: 1) I want to hear what a particular artist wants to say, and how they will speak into my life, and influence the way I understand God’s work in the world.  2) I’m somewhere where there is music playing and I have no say over what’s being played and how loudly. 3) My kids are sick of NPR in the car and ask me to play some music. 4) I’m traveling and can’t get NPR on a local station so I listen to whatever oldies station I can find.

I want to talk about situation #1 today, and in particular about one of my favorite artists: Andrew Peterson, and his latest album (came out July 27): Counting Stars.  I have owned it for 24 hours now and have listened to it 3 times, watched a rare music video of one of the songs twice and heard three of them in concert before the release date.  So, I feel more qualified than you to review it. 

Here goes: It’s freakin’ sweet!  You have to get this music.  If you like thoughtful music that is well done and can be considered poetry if you just read the lyrics, then this music is for you.  If you don’t…don’t talk to me, I don’t like you…you stand for all the things that I dislike.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  No…I really am kidding.  Mostly.

Counting Stars is aptly named for the way it reminds you of God’s promises through family.  You are often brought back to thoughts of God’s promise to Abraham of the children he would sire and the faithfulness that God would have toward his offspring.  The whole album seems to wander deeper and deeper down the path to those intimate and beautiful places where we hold our families: children, spouses, ancestors, and future family tree branches.

The thread of faith weaves throughout the album in a way that creates within you a desire to step closer into God’s presence so that you and all those whom you influence in faith will be drawn into a deeper relationship and tighter bond with the Almighty.

Also, Andrew Peterson, or “AP” as he’s known at our house, has an uncanny ability to look at the mundane and ordinary situations and pictures of life and find in them a deeper meaning that expands something small into a universe of meaning.  Take these few lines about his children sleeping:

Tonight I saw the children in their rooms,
Little flowers all in bloom—
Burning suns and silver moon.

And somehow in those starry skies
The image of the maker lies
Right here beneath my roof tonight.

Go buy this album and listen to it 206 times.  I’m a fan…can you tell?

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