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One of the things I value most in a person is teachability.  It tells me that the person has a healthy view of themselves and will more than likely have a healthy view of others (including myself).  It tells me that they don’t think they’ve got everything figured out.  It also tells me something of their character; how do they handle being reprimanded or put in their place?  How do they respond to being put in the spotlight and having their faults pointed out?  How do they handle the private or public recognition that they are not quite as perfect as they, or others, had thought?

Since it is one of my values, I try to live it out.  I want to react well and become a better reflection of Christ as people point out things in me that need to change.  It is difficult, and uncomfortable, and all-around pinchy.  Being pruned is painful, but produces more fruit.

So, I have a coach.  I’m supposed to meet with him once a month or so.  We could talk on the phone if we wanted, but I like his face, so I drive to Kalamazoo to visit with him.  He’s tall and has a dog, likes to read fantasy novels, and is a major crap-cutter (which means he’ll ask the questions that I don’t want him to ask).  I like all these things about him…except the tall bit, but he has no control over that, so I give him a pass.

I don’t meet with him once a month.  I meet with him when I come across one of these two situations:

1. I have a question that experience can answer – or at least shed light on.

2. I don’t know what the question is, but I can tell I need to be asking something and I don’t know what that something is.

Today I have both.  Embody is nearing a turning point.  I can’t see it yet, but I can feel it coming.  There is a road sign that says “Curves Ahead”.  This is uber-exciting to me, but also a little disjointing.  I don’t know which way the road is curving, and I don’t know if there’s a fork in the road.  Coaches are great because they don’t necessarily (and really, quite rarely) give you the answers.  They just ask good questions that lead you to think of the things you can’t see by yourself. 

So, I’m calling my coach every half-hour or so.  As I write this I can’t get him on the phone.  I hope he’s sleeping…he deserves it.  I hope to drive down to Kalamazoo today and see if I can bend his ear for an hour or so.

I finished my sermon yesterday afternoon.  Usually when I’m done with my sermon by Monday afternoon that means something is going to happen that week.  Could be something good or could be something bad.  God often gives me time when he knows I’ll need it.  I’m hoping that he gave me time this week so that I could just sit and listen to him.  One of the ways he talks is through my coach.

Do you have a coach? Mentor? Discipler? Whatever you call her or him…everyone needs one.  It means your teachable.

By the way…if you’re looking for a great book that shows what a good mentoring/coaching/discipling relationship looks like, try The Walk by Michael Card.  Rich.  Good stuff.  Quick read.  Worth your time.

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