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European Leotards

Sometimes you can just tell your kid is going to be good at something.  Bis can move.  She knows right where her body is, and can jump and land on a dime.  She can spin and dance.  She has tremendous balance and huge amounts of arm strength for lifting her tiny frame.  She’s made for gymnastics.  The kid is just a natural.

There are other kids in the class.  They’re there because their parents think they will enjoy it.  Or they’re there because their parents think that it will help them develop some dexterity or balance or coordination.  Or they’re there because their parents have wads of cash to throw at every opportunity under the sun.  (did you notice how I used the threefold homophone “they’re, there, their”?  Pretty awesome, huh?)

With only 6 kids in her preschool gymnastics class there aren’t many to use in contrast, but I’m fairly confident that my child is destined for the olympics.

The other kids will be awesome at math or art or whatever else non-athletic children end up doing.  And you know something?  Those jobs are important, too.  Someone has to do my taxes after I’m sitting pretty when my daughter gets a sweet endorsement deal with Wheaties or some obscure european leotard company.

I’m not made for that level of athletics.  I’m not made for math.  I’m not made for being anything but me – the very way I was made to be.  Ephesians says “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Let’s face it: you can’t compete with the Bis, but you were made for something.  What was the good work you were created for?  Don’t try doing the other thing.  Find the thing you were made to do…and do it.  You’ll never EVER feel more alive and worthwhile and fulfilled as you will when you are doing the thing you were made to do.  For Bis, it might just be sticking the landing.

Of course, she might not want to do that.  In which case, I’ll be happy if she’s happy.  I just won’t get free Wheaties and european leotards.

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