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Raving Review

I tend to be disappointed with children’s Bibles.  Of course they can’t have every story – and not all stories are appropriate for children.  And of course they have to use language that is fitting for little children.  And unfortunately they tend to oversimplify and sometimes moralize.  This is where I tend to be disappointed with them.  In fact, until I found this book, I didn’t enjoy reading Bible stories to my kids because I would feel obliged to fix the story midstream or add in something that would make it theologically sound.

The Best Children's Bible...I buy this for people frequently

I have only wonderful things to say about The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name.  It’s perfect for kids from ages 4-8.  The pictures are great – the people are not all white people with blonde hair and blue eyes.  The story selection is wonderful and broad-ranging – there are about 50 stories.  The binding is strong and has a great built-in ribbon for keeping your place.  If you purchase the expensive version of this you get the whole thing read on CD by some British dude.  These are all good reasons to choose a children’s Bible, but they are not the only reasons…nor are they the main reason why I rave about this particular Bible.

The main reason I love this book is because it speaks about the many stories as part of one larger story – the story about a God who is on a mission to reclaim his lost loves…us.  It tells the story about the reconciliation that we are working toward and have experienced as believers and followers of Christ.  This is what I want my children to hear, and to live out.  I recently gave this book to a friend who wants to understand what God is up to in the world and in her life.  I feel confident that as she reads this to her children she will find the good news about Jesus for both her family and herself.

If you’re not a parent, buy this book for yourself and enjoy a deepening of understanding of God’s grander movement in the world.  If you are a parent, buy this for your kids.  If your kids are older than 8 years old, buy it for them and tell them that this is a great book for understanding the larger picture of the Bible.  If your kids are older than 16, buy it for them and encourage them to look deeper at the rest of the Bible in this context.  If your kids are old enough to have kids of their own, buy it for your grandkids and bless the whole family.

If you don’t believe me, read what some fancy people have to say:

“A unique resource for communicating the gospel to children in all it’s fullness.” — Kathy Keller, Redeemer Church Parenting Newsletter, NYC, Feb 2007

“I would urge not just families with young children to get this book, but every Christian” — Dr Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC, Feb 2007

“It has turned out to be what all of us in the store suspected when we first saw it: the kind of children’s Bible storybook for which many, many thoughtful Christian parents have been waiting.” — WESTMINSTER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY BOOKSTORE

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