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The Moment I Love

Comerica Park and the great view from my seat behind the Tigers' dugout

Took my son to a Detroit Tigers game yesterday.  He’s 7, and going to a game is a really exciting thing for him.  Ok, it is for me, too.  I love the stark green grass.  I enjoy the smells and sounds at the park.  I like a greatly overpriced bun-length kielbasa.  I can’t get enough of watching the pop flies that someone almost catches while their buddy actually DOES catch it (then watching the interplay between the two of them…high fives, barely hidden jealousy while the lucky catcher raises his ball-filled fist into the air for all the crowd to see and cheer for (15 seconds of fame)).

We picked up some friends and drove the three hours to Detroit, found the right exit, parked the car, got out and realized it was going to be a VERY hot day for a ball game, walked around the corner to be blown away by the enormity of the park – bigger than life.  We went inside and found our seats, but before we did that we did my absolute favorite thing to do at a park.  I LOVE knowing that I’m going to see the field and then walking to the place where I do see the field for the first time.  Sounds silly, but I love the anticipation and the fulfillment of that moment.

Section 133, Seats 5,6, Row 21

Baseball is, in my opinion, just about the perfect game…you never know what is going to happen, there’s no clock, the rules are set and can be tricky in strange situations, there is a human element to the calling of the game by the umpire, and each pitch has unlimited potential to go anywhere and do about anything.  I love the game, and the initial seeing of the field: it’s bright green grass, the brilliant and poorly named “foul” poles, the flashing scoreboard, the stark while lines and bases against the freshly watered dirt and shortly shorn grass.  It’s poetry, and the initial viewing is perfection.

Some people worship baseball, and I understand this.  I get some of the same feelings on Sunday mornings.  I’m usually the first to the building on a Sunday and when I open the door I get something akin to the ball park.  The colors are there, but the smell is different.  The chairs are set and the sermon is prepared.  But anything can happen…after all the Holy Spirit is present and we’re going to be worshiping the God who creates…and God creates something new all the time – in me, in us.  Every pitch, every prayer, every song, every sermon, every cry from a child is something stark and fresh.  I love that moment of entering the building and anticipating.

Here’s the big difference: At our building we have air conditioning.

The only reason I took this picture was to show you the insanely awesome hats these ladies were wearing

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