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My kids says I’m famous.  It’s hard when your kids put you on a pedestal…you know you’ve got to come down.  They probably think I’m famous because they saw my mug on the front of the religion section of the Grand Rapids Press.  You can read the article here.

It’s an odd thing having an article written about your church and about you.  You’re really at the mercy of the writer, and they don’t always get it right.  For instance, this guy made some mistakes.  He says we have jazz music.  That’s not true.  We’ve got a musician who can crank out the jazz if he wants to…he just doesn’t usually want to.  The guy (whom I really liked, by the way) also said that we just let people set the agenda for the discussion each day, and that we just kind of roll with whatever people want to talk about…not at all the case.  There’s no way I could possibly have something worthwhile to say on such a short notice.

It’s also odd to be interviewed.  You know what you want to say about your church, and you’re afraid you’ll miss something important (like, I was all worried…did I mention Jesus?)  And certainly you don’t want to talk about yourself too much for fear that you’ll come off all pretentious.  ]

The oddest thing was this: taking the picture.  Man, I hate that!  “Here, sit like this and look backward at me.  Nice, that’s just right.”  “Oh, you’re glasses are giving a reflection.  Could you tilt your head this way?  No, less.  A little more.  Ok.  Well…we’ll just go with it.”

Here’s the most important thing: I got a call Saturday (this morning) from a guy named Brian.  He said he saw the article this morning in the paper and wanted to make sure he had the time right for the worship service.  He went on to tell me about where he’s at in faith (agnostic), and how he’s starting to think more about “that stuff”, and will be coming to worship with us this week.  I asked where he’s coming from: Grand Rapids.  I’m hoping that God has a renezvous planned with this guy in the near future.

Just hope he’s not disappointed by the disconnect between my great picture and the reality.  Oh well…I’m famous.

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