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Real. Life. Together.

Having young children, I only get to go to the late showings of movies…when I get to go.  I help get the kids to bed then boogie out to see the latest awesome flick.  Last week it was “The A-Team”.  If you were a fan of the TV show, you’ll have a blast with the movie.  It’s basically a prequel to the show.  Worth your time…not sure if it’s worth the movie ticket.  I’d rent it.  But I didn’t.

On my way out of the theatre, I couldn’t help but take a picture of something I don’t often see – an open ATM.  Sorry, no money.  Guess I shouldn’t have watched the credits. 

Usually, I like to send out a mass email or great quantities of text messages to people letting them know I’m going to a movie and when and where it is showing.  This way, if anyone else is in the mood for a flick the can join me.  Here’s my thinking: if we say we want to do “Real. Life. Together” (one of our tag lines at Embody), then why not do all the little things together.  I enjoy movies…so do some other people.  It’s the other stuff, too: eating, playing, camping, birthdays…the everyday of life – these are the things I hope we can share with each other. 

This movie was a family affair, and so I didn’t send out my mass email, but that’s one of my strategies (if you can call it that) to growing fellowship and friends at Embody.  Thought you might like to know what goes through the mind of this church planter…that and that I will definitely keep my eye on this ATM in the future.

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