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Growing Into It

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting my daughter Madalyn, whom we lovingly call “Bis”; and if you’ve been privilege to see you dance or play around, then you may be aware that she is a gymnast.  Plato would call her the ‘form’ of gymnast.  You may have guessed already that I’m a big fan of the Bis, but I’m not alone.  After much insistance by a lot of folks we let Bis enroll in gymnastics.

O To Be Like Thee

Here’s what I like about taking the Bis to her time at the gym: watching her turn into what we call “preschool Bis” which is when she goes super quiet and overly obedient (where did this kid come from?).  I also like watching her do her thing, but the thing I like the best is watching her watch the older girls in the big room.  These tweens and teens are flipping and twisting and balancing and walking on their hands and generally defying gravity.  Bis watches in awe.  This is the pinnacle of everything wonderful for her.  If only…if only she could one day be like the big girls.

She asked me, “Daddy, did all those girls start in the class I’m taking?”  We talk about having to work toward it and practice and get better and better and graduate to more and more cool tricks and flips.  From staying on your “safety star” to wearing a leotard to handstands to cartwheels to roundoffs to arials to back handsprings to the uneven bars to the olympics in 2020.

I feel that way, too, sometimes.  I read stories about Christians who have gone on before, or listen to the depth of faith found in my elders.  And mostly I read the stories of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, and I think, “I want to be like that.  I want to fit into his clothes and walk in his shoes and talk and live and love the way he does”.  I try on his sandals and his robes, but they don’t completely fit yet.  I just keep walking the way he walked, failing, trying again – I think we call it discipleship.  It’s more than spiritual gymnastics and the prize is greater than gold.

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  1. Dana Daniels
    June 21, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    I’m a big fan of hers, too. It’s fun to watch her discover what she enjoys doing.

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