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Red v. Blue

Friend and Foe

Alex has some good little buddies.  Some of them play T-Ball just like Alex.  Few of them can be on the same team.  It’s fun to see them joke with each other and play with one another while competing.

It’s not rare to see two different colored jourseys  standing on top of the same base chatting and joking (probably about potty humor) while they are supposed to be paying attention.

At what point do we lose this?  Because we do.  We do lose this ability to see each other as friends verses foes.  We lose the willingness to look beyond the color of jersey or skin.  Does it have something to do with age or a sense of self as it matures?  I don’t know, but I do know this: we can fight it.

A local pastor who writes his sermons in the same place I write mine (The Way Cup Cafe) stopped by my house the other day.  He was in the neighborhood handing out information about a summer youth event.  We talked about good places for him to visit…families in the neighborhood whose kids would be in the age range that would enjoy it. 

We don’t want to compete.  I don’t want anyone from his church.  He jokes he has a few people he’d like to send me, but I know we feel similarly  – we are serving the same God and have the same desire: the ushering in of the kingdom.

  1. June 20, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    Yes, yes! I think you’re on to something with the “sense of self” theory. In fact, our sermon this morning touched on this. After hearing from Galatians 3:23-39 and Luke 8:26-39, an illustration was used: A large, beer-bellied island native man who would not relocate himself from his spot on the beach as a crowd of white tourists gathered for a wedding. Our pastor commented that this man was a slave to his self-definition (“Born Here”) and his to his definition of these others (“NOT Born Here”). And sometimes, it’s difficult to let go of these demons that possess us, but “There is no longer Jew, nor Greek…” When our faith is in Christ, we are, ONE in Christ before we are anything else.

    I don’t know if that summary does it justice, but I left feeling convicted, and the fact that it has come up again here so quickly tells me God is up to something. Of course.

    Thanks for doing what you do.


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