Getting out of my car yesterday I saw something that has had me thinking and wondering.  I took a picture of it (here it is).  Here’s what I figure: someone was getting out of or into their car and this post-it note was dropped.  It was obviously a reminder. 

I was moved when I saw this because it was a reminder to me of what Jesus talks about.  It reminded me of our call to care for those who are in the worst of positions.  It reminded me that we are to be the type of people who love and remember the broken, the poor, the outcast, the least of these.  It reminded me that we are called to be Christ’s ambassadors who consider themselves servants.

Who was this person?  Male or female?  Did they ever remember to visit in jail?  And who did they visit?  How did they get in there?  Does it matter?  Was the person lonely?  Are they still lonely?  Did they leave a family outside the walls of the prison?  Is that family hurting?  Is the perpetrator penitant?  Does it matter to the person visiting?  Do I know anyone in jail?  Why not?  What’s my responsibility?

Ooh, and some more questions: What kind of church are we to be?  If we are intentional about serving a specific area of Holland, are there people in that area who are in jail? or who are trying to make ends meet because someone is in jail? And this question: how do we get to know and care for and love those people?  Also this question: would we be getting to know them simply to care for them or to “get them” to go to our church?   I pray it is for the purpose of embodying Christ and loving them because they are beloved children of God, who, like me, need reconciliation from time to time.

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