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Snow-headed Saints

I don’t know how many people worshipped with us on Sunday.  250? 300? 350?  I don’t know.  All I  know is that it was beautiful.  There were so many grey heads out there, I thought maybe it had started snowing.  In reality, it was foggy and cool when the forecast had called for a pretty good chance of rainstorms that morning.  So, I’ll take the fog…and I’ll take the snow headed saints.  There were loads of people with brown and black and blond and no hair, pig tails and buzz cuts, but it’s the white hair that most encourages me.

I got a big hug from my friend Betty (plenty old enough to be my grandmother) who said something that absolutely blew my mind.  She said, “This is a big day for me.”  It’s not what I was expecting.  My egocentric mind expected that she would think it was a big day for me (Jim) or for our church, but that’s not what she said.  She said it was a big day for her.  This is proof to me of what I’ve known for a year and a half about Betty – she is praying like crazy for me and for our new church.

She has owned this ministry to such a deep level that all the preparation, all the potluck food, all the weather, all the audio and video, all the songs chosen by Lee, all the games planned, and every person who showed up were weighing on her heart.  I’m confident that Betty prayed far more than I did for our big outdoor service.  It was a big day for her.

The day was great.  I can’t say it large enough to express it here.  The greatness is measured (in my opinion) by the number of smiles, the friendships created, the God worshiped, the good feeling and mojo that covered the whole area.  But I think the greatest thing that happened for me personally was hearing what Betty had to say in the middle of that parking lot hug, “This is abig day for me.”  God, help me pray that hard about things.

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