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Half a Rant

Where Andrew Peterson and the Captains Courageous are Playing

What do you do the day before an enormous event?  Tomorrow we’re having a joint worship service with our parent church.  The worship will be outside and we’ll follow it with a huge potluck meal and then games for everyone.  Should be great fun.  Of course there’s a big chance of thunderstorms…but I can’t control that.  We do what we can and make a decent plan B.

So what would you be doing on the day before something like this?  Here’s what I’m doing: going to a summer celebration at Cran Hill Ranch (RCA summer camp) that is topped off by a concert from one of our favorite artists: Andrew Peterson.

Here’s my rant: I have delegated all the things that need to be done.  My job, then is to preach and lead worship.  I can’t control every detail.  What kind of church would we be starting if we began putting into the DNA of the congregation that you just let the professional minister take care of everything?  I’ll answer that: not a church that any pastor would ever want to serve.  So, I surround myself with people who are gifted and passionate.  I help them with the things I can help them with and then let them do their thing.  I release them for ministry without too many constraints.  People are made to serve; why would we restrain them. 

Here’s what’s going to help more than anything this week – I listen to an artist who talks about the Kingdom of God.  There are far too few of those in the “Christian” arts.  Sorry.  That’s a rant for another time. 

So…Andrew Peterson tonight!  If you heard his music, and that of some of the guys he has around him like Andy Gullahorn, you’d be totally jealous right now.

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