I sit a lot.  Despite the fact that most of my life is docile, I get tired and have little physical energy.  So…I’m tired of it. (pun intended)  I want to be able to play with my kids.  I also want to be healthy.  At the age of 34, it seems a little melodramatic to say that I can feel like I’m aging way too fast.  But I think it’s fair to say that if I don’t start doing something…anything, that the fatball will start rolling faster and faster downhill and it will be more and more difficult to bring myself back to a healthy place.

I’ve got a buddy who is feeling the same way.  He’s just a young, pup, though.  He’s 32.  I stopped by his house today and we decided to make our move.  We don’t want to swim or ride bikes.  We certainly don’t want to run.  So…something that’s more like a game.  I can’t believe this, but we’re gonna play racquetball.

 Dana’s being pretty gentle.  I have a tendency to spend money on stuff and then not keep up with it for long periods of time.  But I don’t think she has any choice…I mean, I’m trying to be healthy.  She probably figures anything’s beter than nothing.  Plus, she bought this “30 Day Shred” video and did three days of it, so…I’m probably OK.

I’ve asked my friend to learn cpr and learn how to work out a cramp.  I think that should cover it.  I’ll have to run out and get a few balls and an oxygen tank.  I’ll update you on how I’m feeling.  For the record: today I weigh 206.  Yikes.

  1. June 11, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Proud of you! Many hopes your excitement/motivation can keep up. Brett and I jogged on the beach two days ago, and we were both waddling around yesterday like we’d been in a car accident. I’m determined not to let up, though. Let the good habits begin.
    : )

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