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Get me to the church on time…

Sunday I got the chance to make an announcement at First Reformed Church.  I invited everyone to be a part of our our big joint worship/meal/game shindig this week.  Here’s the math:

Set up audio/visual at Embody at 8am.

Drive to First Church at 8:45

Sit through long organ prelude (good, but long)

Make announcement at 9:37

Get to car and head back to Embody 9:39

Arrive at Embody9:57

Meet with worship team to pray 10:00

Worship starts promptly at 10:08

OK.  That’s not really the point.  The point is this: as I’m sitting at a red light, in a hurry to get to the next spot by the next deadline I see something nifty.

In the rear view mirror I see a man obviously dressed for church.  He’s eating a poptart at the red light.  His wife is leaning forward looking in the mirror putting on makeup.  I forget the name of the makeup.  It was the kind you put on your eyelashes.

It helped me remember that everyone is showing up to worship from somewhere, and from something.  These two were in a hurry…maybe late like me.  Someone else might be in the middle of a big fight.  Others are frazzled by the kids.  Some are sad because they know they are going to go to church and see a bunch of kids when they aren’t able to have their own.

My challenge: help people come from wherever they are and entering the presence of God where they can honestly approach, hear, and respond to the living God. 

Kind of helps if I show up on time.

  1. Dirk
    June 10, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    Just show up. Late is fine.

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