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Yay, you’re going to let me be myself!

One week from the moment of this post I plan on taking a nap.  It will have been a busy day full of all our church activities x6 or so.  Our plan is to have about 300 people out at our church building for a joint worship service of Embody and First Reformed Church (our parent church).  After worship we’ll have a huge potluck.  After the potluck we’ll have a few hours of playing games and fun activities.  It’s a big BIG undertaking. 

As a church planter, here is what I’m good at: providing an atmosphere that is warm and inviting, inviting others to participate, preaching, and having good conversations. 

Here is what I’m not good at: organizing and planning.

Here’s what thrills me: being involved in the process of people recognizing God in their midst and encountering God in a way that challenges them to trust and take the next step with a living, engaging God.

Here’s what scares the bajeebees out of me: trying to make all the details of this happen.

Here’s the story: after worship today a group of about 6 women met to discuss details.  They began firing great questions at me regarding what will happen next week.  It didn’t take long before I had to make this confession – “I have to admit to you all that this area is my weakest point.”  Then I began to ask this – “Could I just let you all work the details?”  But I didn’t get that far.  I got this far, “Could I…” Then I was interrupted by a wonderful woman who extended a bucket of grace to me by saying, “Could you just walk out of the room and let us do our thing?”  or something to that effect.

I walked out of the room and put my forehead into the shoulder of a good friend and said, “Thank God for the body of Christ.  I am not gifted to do that stuff, but they are.”

It’s a tough balance to walk: the tightrope between delegating according to giftedness and relinquishing all responsibilities.  I am grateful for a family of faith that will allow me to be who I am and not force upon me the things that don’t fit with who God has made me to be.   

                                                                      * Bonus points for anyone who can tell me where the name of this post came from

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