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Carrying the Fire

On Fridays, which I take as a day off, I tend to watch a movie.  Today it was The Road starring Vigo Mortensen and a little Robert Duvall.  It’s an apocolyptic tale of a father and son traveling to the coast after some unnamed cataclysm.  They struggle to survive starvation, cannibals, and the danger of the destroyed environment.

The father is fighting to keep his son alive and figthing to forget the memory of his wife, who gave in to depression and took her life.  The entire movie is an opportunity for father and son to take their lives instead of suffering unthinkable horrors in their near future.  There is one thing keeping them going: hope.

The son keeps asking if they are still the “good guys”.  The father keeps reassuring his son and tells them that they have to keep going because they are carrying the fire.  The “fire” I take to mean a memory of all that is good and noble…of all that is good and worth carrying into some possible future.

This is us.  As followers of Christ we are carrying the fire that changes the future – the light of Christ that makes all things new, that renews brokenness and frees the enslaved.  We carry this good news of reconciliation…hope.  The things that keeps us going – keeps us on the road – keeps us changing the road until it leads to heaven – that ushers in heaven.

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