Recently my Father-in-law paid us a visit.  We had a delightful time and we always look forward to having him.  He’s a lively guy with a lot of pizzazz.  He taught H.S. English and theater for years then retired to become a lay preacher and pastor.  He’s now retired and doing both teaching and preaching on the side.  So, he has time to visit us.

The first full day he was with us, he took our dog, Jack, for a walk.  That was super helpful.  On this walk our dog did what dogs do.  He made a pile.  My conscientious father-in-law did not want to leave the pile on someone’s lawn, but… didn’t bring a baggie.  So…not thinking that he could just return a little later with a baggie…yah.  I know what you’re thinking “no. he didn’t.”  He did.  He carried it home in his bare hands.

This post is a quick reminder that you don’t have to carry around your pile or anyone else’s.  God has made a way to releave us of our dirty mess.  He’s provided an unending supply of baggies for getting rid of all the things that stink about us.  Don’t forget that Christ has made a way and that we can be reconciled through the forgiveness of our sin…even that one thing that you have done or continue to do that you would rather carry yourself than get taken care of properly.

Another important thing to remember is that someone else’s pile isn’t your pile.  We may be called to help carry each other’s burdens, but not to carry around their sin…that’s God’s job, not ours.  Here’s what we can do: point to the baggie.  Hey, we all make piles.  Fortunately for us, God understands this and has made a provision.  But for the sake of yourself and for the sake of all your neighbors please make use of the baggie.

  1. JP
    June 1, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    NO WAY! I have only heard rumors of such things happening…and I’m from India! Great story!

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