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Lenny Kravitz Glasses

I’ve got a friend with a ton of work to do.  He’s an artist and he’s behind and under the gun to get a project finished.  Looking at what he needs to get done and his progress thus far, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen…just not possible.  Maybe possible if he were to stay up late every night and completely forget everything else – no time for dilly or dally, no time to enjoy a relaxing evening with the kids.

I found out about his predicament one afternoon as he was helping me take two loads of tree clippings away from my house.  When he told me about his amount of busy, I said, “Then what the heck are you doing helping me?”  “You asked,” he says.  Aaargh – people with their generosity.  I hope my addition to the burn pile doesn’t cost him too much work in the future.

So I wanted to tell you about this friend of mine.  He started coming to Embody toward the beginning and is an enormous breath of fresh air.  He is a major crap-cutter.  He can just tell you the honest thing, even if it doesn’t seem very politically correct.  He’s just himself, and doesn’t really have time to try to be fake.  He calls me out on things in the sermon and is always good for a great conversation; plus he wears these funky Lenny Kravitz glasses because they were all that were available one day and he hasn’t lost them yet.

He’s the kind of person every pastor loves.  You know exactly what you’re getting with him.  He’s a straight shooter with a thoughtful and insightful mind.  He told me right at the beginning of our friendship that he knows I probably want him to get involved in a small group, but I can forget it because he doesn’t need any more things to do.  He thinks people don’t like him so much because he just talks too bluntly.  They do.  I do.

I love church planting.  I don’t like it when people leave other churches to be a part of ours, but I’ll take someone like this.  He may not get involved in a small group, but he’ll drop everything to help anyone with anything and then inspire his pastor to be exactly the person I’m called to be and not one bit of anything other than that.

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