Hand of Power

Driving down a busy street in Holland I stopped at a red light and came across one of the most empowering things I’ve ever experienced.  A woman was crossing the road and had in one arm a very young child…the bundle was blue, so I’m guessing a baby boy.  Over her shoulder slung a bag – I’m sure full of every imaginable thing needed for caring for a baby.  In her other hand she held another small hand.  This small hand was attached to a girl of probably 4 years old.

As they crossed this busy street the mother was taking great care that they quickly and safely found the other side before the light changed.  The infant was no doubt sleeping, crying, or eliminating (I would round out all possible options for a baby by adding eating, but I could see he was not).  The little girl, however, is the one that caught my attention.  She was staring right at me – I was the first stopped at the light.

One hand was holding her mother’s hand, and her other hand was defiantly and powerfully held up in the stop position directed at me.  What power.  This girl had no doubt whatsoever that she had caused four lanes of traffic to come to a stand still all by raising her little hand and willing that every motor within 100 yards come to an idle while she and her family crossed the street.

Her face said it all, “See this hand?  Yah?  Then you better stop, pal, ’cause I’m ME, and when I raise my hand it eminates enough authority to make you and all your little car friends here to explode.”

All the while the light above her head glowed red.  She didn’t see that, or understand it.  She didn’t even care.  She just felt powerful.  I want to raise kids like that…ones that are certain they can change the world; ones that can hold their hand out and stop injustice or lift their hand to help those who need mercy or hold my hand in one of theirs while ushering the Kingdom of God with the other.  All while the light of God glows above their heads.  I want to raise kids like that.

  1. May 27, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    We taught our boys to make eye contact with people in cars when they’re on their bikes, crossing a street or anything else that the driver would need to see them for. I like the hand up. Strong girl.

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