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Something Sad

Not too long ago I was driving through town and saw something holy.  I drove past a store that sold tombstones…the kind of place nobody knows is there until they need to find it.  I never really noticed this before, but they have 5 or 6 “demo” stones outside.  And standing outside, looking at these demos was a lone man.  He was probably in his 70’s, gray hair, old style plaid pants made of polyester, a short sleave, button up shirt that was thin enough to see his tank top undershirt through.

He just stood there.  He was considering…contemplating.

It took me only seconds to drive past him, but the picture is etched in my mind.  I can see it as clearly as if it happened just a minute ago.  Questions fill my mind: was he picking something for his recently deceased spouse?  Was he planning ahead for himself?  Was he just morbid and liked looking at these things?

But the biggest and saddest question (yes there’s a sadder thought than picking out a stone for a spouse) I had was this: Why was he doing it alone? 

I want to plant a church where nobody has to go through something like that alone.  There should be a community that cares enough about each other and has such a strong connection in Christ that they are available and willing, and even asking permission to be involved in each other’s lives in moments like the one I stumbled upon.

One day it will be me.  Or it will be Dana.  Or, if Dana and I are fortunate, it will be our children.  But no matter who and no matter when I want to know that there is a family who will hold our hand and offer words of hope and comfort…or even just friends who will be silent with us.  This is what I hope Embody will become.

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  1. JP
    May 26, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Beautiful Jim. I love this image of the church. Amen.

  2. June 6, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    What a sad image. And what a beautiful vision you’re casting for your church.

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