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There is a place where dreams go to die.  It is a wondrous land full of the most wonderful toys imaginable.  I call it “Fridgetop”.  It is where toys go when they are fought over.  It is where the crappiest little things (those things considered the most sought-after and mind-blowingly fun) go when the warnings have come and gone.

Presently here are the things at Fridgetop: 1 jack-o-lantern bottle of bubbles, 1 jingle bell on a string, 2 McDonalds Alvin and the Chipmunks toys, 1 bag of peanuts, 2 stencils, 1 transformer, and most recently: 1 blue balloon (the kind that has a big rubber band attached so you can punch it).  Now, one would think there would never be reason for there to be 2 of something at Fridgetop since it’s simple to share 2 things…and yet…we manage a way to fight over them.

Life would be easier at 1268 Heather Dr. if we just learned to share the house’s resources in a way that benefited everyone.  But…we don’t.  I didn’t teach my children to be greedy.  I certainly didn’t teach them to fight over those things we call “fun”.  The truth remains: we can’t get it figured out.

Do you think God has a Fridgetop?

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