Gift of Silly

Dana returned last night from a trip to Iowa where she was developing relationships for the seminary advancement office.  She left on Monday morning before I woke up and got back Thursday after the kids were asleep.  Now I love my bride’s company.  I could spend all day with her and 11 years have gone quickly.  Like Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady, “I’ve grown accostomed to her face”.

While she was gone I did my best to keep up on stuff.  The clothes didn’t get all strewn about, the dishwasher was filled with dirty dishes, some of the pots and pans were washed, the children were clean and the dog only had one puddle and one pile inside…not too shabby.

But, Alex got sick and had to miss school.  I got a bit of it, too.  We were pretty wiped out the whole time.  Bis didn’t sleep the best (I’m told this is normal), the dog woke me up way too early each morning.  We got invited over to dinner with some friends, but other than that, we didn’t really eat well.  By the time Dana got home we were all pretty wiped out and more than ready to have mom, wife, and master back in the house to bring us into some semblence of balance.

Tired and a little silly from lack of sleep and lack of nutrition we layed down on the couch watching the clock…waiting for the moment when mom might come home.  Someone got funny and then the dog joined us and we laughed and a week of worry melted away.  It was one of those moments that make me feel like a good dad – all too rare, I might add.

There are those beautiful moments when, in the course of busy and worry and an overactive sense of need for accomplishment, we stop and enjoy each other.  As a gift from the Spirit we laugh and are filled with joy.  Everything that weighs us down (work and worry and our “to do” list) is lifted from our shoulders as we intentionally become fully aware of each other’s presence and see the utter lameness of our hypersensitivity to the concerns of the world. 

Sabbath means “ceasing”.  I had a moment of sabbath on the couch with the kids (and the lickety dog).  It was great to stop and just “be” with the kids.  It was also great to see that beautiful woman walk through the door that night.  Phew!

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