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Lucky Me

We eat together.  I think this is one of the things I like best about Embody.  We eat together.  We’re never fancy…it’s super-informal, but it’s us.  It is becoming a defining action of ours.  Potluck dinners…well, lunches mostly.  After communion we have lunch.  We don’t have an oven, so there aren’t a lot of casseroles, but we do crockpots and salads and hot dogs for the kids.  It does a lot for us.

There is something about breaking bread together.  It’s something everyone has in common – eating.  We all do it, and when we do it together there is a bonding that happens over the food.  The conversation is about life outside the four walls of the building we meet in.  Some kid (or adult) spills their food all over the carpet.  The kids finish early and play around the building while the adults spend time together.

All the tables are mismatched, the silverware and dishes were donated, the chairs are the ones we sit in for worship (rearranged), the weather keeps us inside or outside – depending.  But there we are…breaking bread, laughing, being honest, sharing dreams and jokes and stories about the everyday.  And Jesus is present.

Jesus seems to make an appearance where food is involved.  I think I like that about Jesus a lot.  After his resurrection he becomes evident to his disciples on the road to Damascus when bread is broken (this is when they realize it’s Jesus).  Then, while all the disciples are hiding in a locked room he just “appears” in the midst of them.  And what does he say?  “Do you have anything to eat?”  Of course, when Peter is out fishing he sees Jesus on the shore cooking fish and jumps into the water to join Jesus on shore.  And what did Christ leave for us to do? – one of the things he commanded us to do? – eat and remember him.  In fact, he used the simplest of foods for the element – bread (something found in every culture).

This is what we do.  We eat together.  Potlucks.  They’re perfect for the poor in the congregation who bring nothing or the rich who bring the normal or the single mom who just needs a break on the weekend.  Potlucks bring a much-needed change of pace for many people.  It’s not a strategy I’ve put together…It’s just what makes sense when God’s people get together.

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