Full Count

One of those father-son things that I always wanted to do…go to the ballpark with Alex and enjoy a game, hot dog, candy, sunburn.  We did that this last weekend.  Our worship started right at 10am (a record) and ended promptly at 11 so we could boogey out of town up to the ballpark – first 1,000 kids got a free hot dog.  I’m not Dutch, but I live among them.

Perfect weather, a late inning rally, teaching Alex about balls and strikes and what a full count is (for the baseball illiterate – it’s when a batter has three balls and two strikes), a chance to run the bases after the game…I can’t imagine a better day.  We were joined by a father/son from Embody.  They’re also our neighbors (he lends me his leaf blower).  The kids played in the back seat as we had a great conversation about that morning’s sermon.

This is real life together.  It’s one of our tag lines at Embody “real. life. together.”  These are the very real life things that we want to share together – the ballpark and a good conversation.  I feel so blessed I could shout.  I think it would sound like this, “God…I love my life.”  I feel full, and it has a lot to do with the people God’s brought into my life as a result of planting a new church, a new gathering of people who are willing to say the honest things, the real things, the good questions…oh and lend me a leaf blower in the fall.  Real. Life. Together.  I’ve been filled up.  My full count.  And it makes me ready for the next pitch.

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