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Go for it

One of my favorite things about starting a new church is that it’s full of people who either don’t know any different or who are tired of knowing any different.  What I mean by that is they either don’t have all the bad baggage from previous church experiences or they are trying to start over without the baggage.

For instance: we have some beloved friends at Embody who have never been a part of a church.  They don’t know that they can’t do certain things.  They think they can just do something…something they would like to do.  “I would like to start a small group” “I would love to host a party” “Can I decorate for Christmas?” “I’ve got an idea…”

In some established churches people have grown up knowing their role and the roles that are not available to them.  They understand the system and whose role is whose.  They know that Matilda is the only one who does such and such.  They know that certain things just aren’t done…it’s just not the way we do things around here.

Folks at Embody just respond to life together in a refreshingly honest way that shows they are really owning every bit of our fellowship.  I find myself saying, “Uh…yah; go for it.”

“Go for it” is one of my values as a leader.  When someone has an idea and a desire to try something, I always want to release them to do it.  I never want to hold power or control over ministry at Embody.  If I say, “Go for it” then people know the ministry belongs to them…not me.  They know that I’m behind them.  I’ll do everything I can to help them succeed – I don’t want to set people up to fail.

One of the biggest compliments I could hear would be that Embody is a “Go for it” church where people are released to be the hands and feet of Christ and where people are using their unique gift set for the Glory of God and the encouragement of others.

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