Hutchmoot 2010

I hear it’s important for pastors to keep learning.  I was talking with Toby Gruppen last night about how I should spend my educational time this year.  Late last night I was on one of my fave sites, The Rabbit Room, and saw that they are putting on Hutchmoot 2010.  It is exactly the kind of thing I would love to attend.  You can find out about Hutchmoot at this site.

Walter Wangerin Jr. will be there.  He wrote a great number of awesome books including The Book Of The Dun Cow.  There will be a lot of discussion about story and how we make it, are a part of it, how we tell it.  Oh, and a release party/concert of Andrew Peterson’s newest CD.  If you have to ask who Andrew Peterson is…you are in for a treat.  He’s only one of the bestest musicians that the “Christian” music scene has to offer.  Thoughtful and an artist. 

Sadly, I cannot attend Hutchmoot.  I will be attending a much happier affair with family…Dana’s brother’s wedding.  Fortunately, he’s the kind of guy who would love Hutchmoot, too.  In fact, Dana’s whole family is Hutchmoot material.  They can discuss art, music, literature, and dance in a thoughtful and energetic way.  So I won’t be missing much (I have to keep telling myself that because Hutchmoot would *rock* (not literally)).

Hutchmoot is about story this year, and don’t you think pastors should understand story?  We’re all a part of the big one, and we each have our little ones.  It’s been said that every person has only two stories to tell: his/her own and that of Jesus Christ.  So, like me, you’ll have to maintain your own Hutchmoot thoughout the year: consider your story and the larger story you are a part of.  Tell it…in your unique way.

And if you find any other cool learning/growing activities anything near what Hutchmoot 2010 is supposed to be – let me know.  I’m on the lookout.

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